Why Should I Hire a Criminal Attorney

Here’s the harsh truth; merely claiming innocence cannot save you from the wrath of California criminal laws. When accused of a crime, you risk paying hefty fines and spending time behind bars. Hiring a criminal attorney to inform you of your rights and provide legal representation gives you the best chances of having your charges dismissed. At the very least, a competent lawyer can save you from facing the maximum penalties for a crime. If you or your loved one is accused of violating California criminal laws in LA, turn to a criminal defense attorney.

So, is hiring a criminal defense attorney worth it?

Is it safe to represent yourself?

Well, the expertise of a skilled lawyer is invaluable because criminal cases are different. Moreover, the laws are complex, and finding the proper defense for your unique circumstances takes skill, strategy, and the ability to modify arguments at an instant’s notice.

Dive in, and let’s explore 15 top reasons to hire a criminal attorney.

  1. Time Is Of the Essence

It’s a no-brainer; things can quickly get out of hand from the moment you are charged and arrested. The prosecution will strive to gather as much evidence within the least time possible, closing the window for worthwhile negotiations or even the dismissal of your charges.

The last thing you want is to go for the arraignment unprepared. You need an attorney who can educate you about your rights, proper court procedures, and the expected legal technicalities. Additionally, your attorney will analyze the evidence against you and decide whether it is better to plead guilty, deny guilt or take a plea bargain. Without the proper knowledge, you will likely lose the case way before you set foot in court.

  1. A Professional Approach Is Crucial

Often, you can achieve the best outcome if an attorney negotiates with the prosecution or your accuser. This can lead to your charges being reduced or dismissed. Both ways, numerous challenges may present themselves during negotiations, and you need an expert who can tackle them using a professional approach.

We have close relations with the prosecution and can use this to your advantage. Additionally, we understand the pain and motives of accusers and sympathize with them as we negotiate to have some of your charges dropped. We aim to do the heavy lifting on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome.

  1. Criminal Attorneys Understand the Judicial System

Criminal laws are complicated. Without a proper understanding of California Penal Codes and federal statutes, it can be challenging to counter the charges you face effectively. Lawyers understand not just the laws but also how the legal system works. They are well acquainted with the complex procedures and workings of the court systems, allowing them to handle serious criminal cases better.

When battling criminal charges, plenty of paperwork is required. A lawyer who understands the court procedures will ensure that your case documents are correctly processed. Bear in mind that more often than not, the courts are on the side of the victim. The prosecution will not hesitate to come at you with their guns blazing, not to mention that court dealings have bottlenecks, rigid deadlines, and complicated legal procedures that don’t always work in favor of unknowledgeable defendants.

Attorneys provide the much-needed support that saves defendants from seeming as though they are negligent of their responsibilities. You are likely to have a better experience when you work with someone who understands the court systems and has earned the prosecution’s respect. This way, you may even benefit from the best plea bargain.

  1. Relationships With Prosecutors

Legal experts are known to exchange favors and pleasantries. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is likely to have a positive relationship with the local prosecutors, which will be of crucial benefit to your case.

Apart from negotiating an excellent plea deal, your attorney will also use this positive relationship to arrange for the most favorable bond. Think of your legal representative as your spokesperson who can ensure amicable agreements with the prosecution, your accuser, and even law enforcement.

Good relationships are not likely to get you off the loop. However, it could help to neutralize the situation, especially when discussions get heated during negotiations. Moreover, experienced criminal attorneys know the tactics that work with different local judges.

  1. Access to Helpful Resources

Another prime reason to hire a criminal defense attorney is that the professional can access resources to help your case. Your case’s success depends on your lawyer’s ability to prepare a winning strategy and prepare several sure backup plans.

There is more to putting up a winning defense than merely showing up for hearings and tabling concrete arguments. Hire a professional with access to specialists who can aid in gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. They should also know credible specialists, including forensic scientists and toxicologists whose testimonies help during certain circumstances.

Self-representation can leave you holding the short end of the stick, especially if you cannot access the needful resources. Even if you can obtain the resources you need, the due process will likely be exorbitant and time-intensive. The right lawyer will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf, so you can focus on your life after settling your bail.

  1. Professional Examination of Evidence

You have probably seen on TV how law enforcement officers can use unscrupulous means to obtain evidence. As an average person, you may not fully understand the nuances of proper procedure when gathering evidence. On the other hand, attorneys understand the blind spots to look for and loopholes that could quickly force the courts to dismiss evidence tabled by the prosecution.

Because lawyers understand the rights of their clients, they can defend them in the best way possible. They can detect weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and quickly use this to get the best plea bargain. Furthermore, a lawyer can use his/ her connections with private investigators, expert witnesses, and medical practitioners, among other professionals, to gather the strongest possible evidence for your defense.

Sometimes, your best defense is to suppress evidence from the prosecution. This often leads to the dismissal of charges. With solid evidence that works for you and dismissed proof from the prosecution, you are almost assured of enjoying a suitable outcome.

  1. Provide Invaluable Legal Advice

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of criminal laws. The professional can assess your case and inform you of your legal standing. Sometimes, it’s even possible to project the outcome of a lawsuit based on the strength of the prosecution’s case.

It takes more than just training to project the case’s outcome and the best defense strategies to use. Lawyers are super good at what they do because they deal with criminal litigation daily. Their experience makes their expertise invaluable when dealing with any criminal case.

  1. Criminal Lawyers Can See the Full Picture of a Case

Not even the best criminal attorney in Los Angeles can guarantee a positive outcome. However, a competent specialist can help you see the whole picture and understand the possible outcomes of a case. Based on these projections, the professional can ascertain that you dodge the harsh penalties allied with a specific crime.

You need to have an accurate picture of what could happen. This will allow you to make informed decisions and choose whether to take a plea bargain or proceed to trial. During self-representation, you may not have access to all the information you need for your case. It takes understanding the stakes and knowing what you are up against to create the best defense.

  1. Reference Past Cases

A broad knowledge base can come in handy, irrespective of the criminal charges you face. Experienced criminal lawyers have handled or studied many cases that are similar to yours and know the laws and statutes that apply. They also understand the best defenses based on different case studies.

In some instances, the easiest way to win a case is by referencing past lawsuits. Reminding the judge of an injustice to a past defendant, for example, could quickly turn the tables in your favor.

It is possible to represent yourself and win. However, the odds are against you, especially because you lack access to crucial resources such as relevant case studies.

  1. Help You Know Your Options

It is normal to panic when accused of a crime. In such instances, some defendants think that the best way out is to “cooperate” with the authorities and take up the first plea bargain that is offered. Often, this is a poor choice, and they may have achieved a better outcome if they sought professional legal representation.

With a reliable criminal defense attorney in your corner, you will receive comprehensive advice about your options and what they mean. In case the plea bargain is not the best choice, then perhaps you can achieve better results by negotiating with the prosecution. This may lead to the reduction or dismissal of your charges.

Again, it takes doing more than just Google research for you to understand your options and their potential repercussions. When it comes to dealing with criminal litigation, information is power. A skilled attorney will help you identify the option that will earn you your freedom or lighter penalties.

  1. Reduced Penalties

Even with the best lawyer, there is no guarantee that your charges will be dropped. If the possibilities of a defendant being found innocent are futile, a skilled lawyer will move quickly to strike a deal with the prosecution. Providing information or pleading guilty will save the prosecution time, resulting in reduced fines or jail time.

Unfortunately, most prosecutors will only save the best deals for defendants with solid legal representation. If you choose to self-represent, you will receive a raw deal and pay a higher price for an offense.

  1. Safeguard Your Future

Criminal charges put so much at stake. You risk paying a fortune in fines, spending time behind bars, or both. Additionally, a conviction could hurt your reputation and ability to secure certain jobs or find housing within specific neighborhoods. In short, the outcome of a case will shape your life and future. This makes it imperative to seek a strong legal defense team and ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

There is so much an attorney can do even if it is impossible to have your charges dismissed. The expert can still work on achieving reduced penalties. If you are found guilty, all is not lost. A dependable criminal defense attorney can help you clean your record to minimize the aftermath of a conviction.

Court officials and prosecutors prioritize the interests of the general public. The more “criminals” they can sweep off the streets, the better. Fortunately, criminal defense attorneys prioritize the welfare of their clients. Their legal obligations allow them to advocate for you, protect your rights and generally safeguard your future.

  1. Save Money

Criminal penalties are not easy on the wallet. Some crimes attract thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention that you also have to settle court costs, bonds, and various other fees. While hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer may not be cheap, it may reduce the lawsuit’s overall expenses and losses.

Your lawyer can have your charges dropped, and this will save you from settling bail and suffering from lost wages during imprisonment. Most importantly, the professional will ensure a smooth court process, and this will save you time, allowing you to focus on your job or business before a case is determined. The sooner you can resume everyday life, the sooner you can get back to your income-generating ventures.

  1. Receive Personalized Attention

Criminal charges can turn the world against you. Even with friends and family around you, sharing the details of your case may seem like an impossible task. Lawyers understand your plight better and can sympathize with you, irrespective of the evidence against you. The experts are better equipped to help you counter your fears and insecurities when facing criminal charges.

Competent lawyers focus on one thing: winning your case. They will provide as much legal advice as possible and ensure that you understand your options and their consequences. You can also expect your legal representative to handle the paperwork, heated negotiations, and court processes on your behalf. This is likely to make your experience less overwhelming.

  1. Dedicated Counsel All through Your Case

The last yet most important reason why you should hire a criminal defense attorney is that the expert can provide dedicated counsel through each step of your case. Your lawyer has an obligation to be on your side. He or she will do everything to win and achieve an outcome that is worth writing home about.

Each case is different, and this is something legal experts understand too well. Court-appointed lawyers and public defenders have too many lawsuits to handle, meaning they are likely to use one-fits-all defense strategies for similar cases. On the other hand, a private lawyer will focus solely on your case and use all available resources to formulate a winning defense.

It takes time, research, and undivided dedication to create a strong defense. Some of the roles you can expect your lawyer to assume with relentless commitment include:


Through investigations, your attorney can find ways to have you acquitted. The professional will question the police about their methods of gathering evidence, talk to witnesses, and determine the strength of the case the prosecution has against you. With this, it will be easier to formulate a strong defense.

Evidence Analysis

Another essential role of a criminal defense attorney is to analyze the evidence against you. You can expect the specialist to carefully study all facts and theories and even have proof tested to determine its validity.

Plea Bargaining

If the prosecution has a strong case against you, all is not lost. A criminal defense attorney can negotiate for a favorable plea deal to have your penalties reduced.

Trial Participation

Once you hire an attorney, you are assured that someone will be on your side all the way. The specialist will represent you from the moment you are arrested and, most importantly, during your trial. He or she will examine witnesses, cross-examine them, and even table arguments to convince the jury of your innocence.

The prosecution bears the burden of proof. You can trust a competent lawyer to come up with defenses that will make the jury question whether you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


There are no guarantees, irrespective of the skillfulness or reputation of the attorney you choose. However, the work of your legal representative is far from done even if you are sentenced. During the sentencing phase, the expert can plead with the judge and jury to reduce your time behind bars or consider viable alternatives to incarceration.

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