What is Contempt of Court?

Penal Code 166 defines contempt of court as behavior that insults, disrespects, or defies the dignity or authority of a court. It involves acts that hinder the judge’s ability to make a ruling. Typically, the judge has the discretion in determining whom...

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What is Civil Compromise in California?

For most victims of criminal actions, justice is served when the defendant faces an arrest and conviction. Although conviction and punishment could give you peace and solace, not all criminal issues will result in convictions. Sometimes, there is a...

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What is Conspiracy to Commit Murder in Los Angeles?

Conspiracy is referred to as the planned commission of a criminal act that involves more than a single individual. According to California laws, a conviction for conspiracy to commit murder bears the same penalties as the basic murder charges. So, you...

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What is Accessory Before the Fact in California

Being an accessory to a crime means that you helped the perpetrator prepare and plan the crime or you aided them in the cover-up. If you know that another person plans to commit a crime and you help them prepare or encourage them to violate the law, you...

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What to do When Your Child is Arrested in Los Angeles?

Usually, any arrest is a traumatic experience. But when it's your child being put behind bars, it can be an overwhelming situation. It's normal to feel angry, shocked, and protective when your child is arrested – and the overwhelm created by these...

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Can I Still Get a DUI for Blowing Under the Legal Limit in California?

Drinking and driving is generally a bad idea. It could result in a serious road accident, in which you and/or other people suffer serious injuries. It could also result in DUI charges that could lead to time in jail, hefty fines, and loss of driving...

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What makes an Assault Aggravated in California?

Committing assault can result in criminal charges and may attract penalties like detention in jail or expensive fine payments as punishment. Typically, the presiding judge will issue these orders if the prosecutor succeeds in showing that you are guilty...

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What Does it Mean to Disobey a Police Officer in California?

The law has given police and other law enforcement officers authority to order and direct people. They do this in their duty to protect, serve, and maintain a safe environment for all people. When a police officer approaches you or asks you to pull over...

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