What makes an Assault Aggravated in California?

Committing assault can result in criminal charges and may attract penalties like detention in jail or expensive fine payments as punishment. Typically, the presiding judge will issue these orders if the prosecutor succeeds in showing that you are guilty...

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What Does it Mean to Disobey a Police Officer in California?

The law has given police and other law enforcement officers authority to order and direct people. They do this in their duty to protect, serve, and maintain a safe environment for all people. When a police officer approaches you or asks you to pull over...

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Understanding California's Misdemeanor Diversion Programs

Undoubtedly, being under arrest is a stressful and confusing event because you do not know what could happen next, especially if it is your first time in the hands of the police for any alleged offense. Fortunately, after the enactment of the Assembly...

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What Is Human Trafficking In California?

You can define human trafficking as a type of present-day slavery whereby the perpetrator profits from the forced labor or sexual exploitation of children, men, and women. Any person who engages in human trafficking commits an offense as defined under...

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How Is Child Endangerment Different From Child Abuse in California?

In most cases, child abuse and child endangerment are used interchangeably. However, according to the law, these two are distinct crimes punished under different statutes. Child abuse is charged under California Penal Code 273(d). Child abuse involves...

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What is being an Accessory to Murder in Los Angeles?

Like the many defendants, you may wonder what it means to be accused of being an accessory to murder. You may be under the impression that this is a minor charge or that you can easily clear your name if accused. However, this is not always the case....

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What is Prosecutorial Misconduct in Los Angeles?

Prosecutors engage in prosecution misconduct by acting inconsistently with the ethical mandates they should obey. In many cases, they do so because they are usually under significant pressure to convict criminals, especially where violent and...

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What are the Consequences of a DUI Conviction in California?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is indeed a common crime here despite relentless efforts by law enforcement officers to curb this dangerous behavior or conduct on our roads. Typically, a DUI is an offense any person can commit regardless of their...

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